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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be” ~ Dirk Gently

I’m Fred Gough; thank you for stopping by. My hopes for this blog is to allow you my friends and followers of my online presence to understand me better than in quick status updates via the social media platforms which I’ve used for the last decade of my life or if you don’t know me I hope you will not hesitate to invest time in reflecting upon my posts, by liking & sharing with those significant to you as well as commenting upon the posts.

Born towards the end of February 1989; I have witnessed first-hand the dawn of the rapid development of technological growth and changes of political landscape which had been a massive part most of my childhood into adolescence and onto adulthood seeing in the boom of the World Wide Web and mobile technologies by the way we use and seemingly engrossed upon time-saving devices as well as the rise and falls of governments which have shaped the perspective of evolution.

Technology has been a faithful aspect to my life however hiding behind a screen is not a totally fulfilling life for me. I hope to share with you what I get up to while not working on a personal computer among the odd elements which are only made possible by technological advancements.

A childhood affected by hay fever denied me opportunities to explore and enjoy the great outdoors however since my late teens and adulthood I have wanted to go outside more and take in the splendorous opportunities that the Earth has to offer, by getting out and about to different places domestically or abroad.

I’m a passionate individual with my own views, some of which many of you may share or at least complement. However if you do disagree with my thoughts and considerations, that is absolutely fine. I just hope to awaken your eyes and provide some simulation as you read my posts and you as well as those who echo what I feel are more than welcome to comment and contact me about those matters.

Admittedly, I can appear a shy individual to meet face to face at first as I like my independent space and thought. I also suffer from mild forms of dyspraxia and autism along with visual impairments. This has lead me to be too aware of my own surroundings and capabilities, however there are times when I find my sensory overloads and I curl up into a metaphorical embryo but this is not on purpose it is a reflex generally brought on by feeling overwhelmed by stress, tiredness, emotional upheaval or a combination of those.

Born in the city of Derby, I have developed a taste for valuing more than the East Midlands municipality. Fortunately for me this central location within England provides a good mix of opportunity with small to medium sized Derbyshire towns, to the rolling hills and valleys of the Peak District to other urban metropolitan areas such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester in reasonably short journeys via the transport networks which also allow me to go even further afield.

I have simple overall ambitions in life which is to continue to build and develop stronger connections with those within my circle of friendships, to explore more of the uniquely beautiful parts of the planet but in a way that is both economically and environmentally viable way and to modestly live in whichever way suits me best at the circumstance that the labyrinth of finding my happiness allows me to journey down.

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Quick Biography:

Full Name:

Frederick James David Gough

Date of Birth:

25 February 1989

Star Sign:


Born in:


Currently living in:

Belper (for the second time in my life)

Previously lived in:

Dunholme, Lincoln and Derby

Favourite Colour:


Hogwarts House according to Pottermore:


Political Party:

Green Party of England & Wales

Favourite wild animal:


Religious View:


Languages spoken:

British English, Basic French & German

Countries Visited:

Austria, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland & United States of America.