Hello! Welcome to Aimless Wondering

My name is Fred Gough, and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

Why Aimless Wondering?

Over the last few years, more and more blogs have sprung up, but what is a blog?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a blog as:

A frequently updated website, typically run by a single person and consisting of personal observations arranged in chronological order, excerpts from other sources, hyperlinks to other sites, etc.; an online journal or diary.

Therefore, I created this blog to share my voice and my corner of the vast online world.

The name for the blog, Aimless Wondering, derived when considering my scattered thoughts and interests that I have developed in my life’s journey. 

One of my hopes is that this blog provides you, my audience, an opportunity to understand me better than in quick status updates via social media platforms, which I have used regularly since roughly 2005.

I also aim to share my wealth of knowledge and understanding of the finite planet we all live upon and actively encourage others to do the same. It may also give you a chance to consider a subject or an opinion quite possibly different from your own.

About Me

I was born on Saturday, 25 February 1989, in the city of Derby, England. Throughout my life, I have first-hand witnessed the dawn of rapid technological growth and changes to the political landscape.

The changes in these have impacted my opinions and made me appreciate specific values, places, and look to others for inspiration and wisdom.

My childhood and adolescence were both affected by hayfever and shyness, along with other challenges. Overcoming these obstacles offered me a chance to gain a unique level of enjoyment and opportunity to explore the grandeur that the world has to offer.

Not that I was irritated by these hurdles, I instead spent many hours sitting behind computer and television screens rather than outside with friends as many children and teenagers do. Therefore, I developed my toolkit of interests.

The passions and hobbies created from this independence allowed me to generate my mind and identity. I was also allowed to develop my journey, and now as an adult, I aim to appreciate other things and build confidence in my judgments.

Throughout the posts of this blog, I have opened up about subjects close to my heart. So I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say or by learning something new or exploring an issue more deeply.

My Approach & Values

Aimless Wondering is a personal blog, and therefore I will not be accepting guest posts to incorporate or looking to profit from affiliate links from within it.

Therefore any of the opinions expressed in the blog posts are all of my own, and I take full responsibility for them as many are personal reflections on how I see the world.

I would also like to see the website be an environment that is mindful of others and engages positive conversation.

It is essential to recognise that I also do not have qualifications to justify my views; however, in those posts containing personal opinion, references and a bibliography for the audience can be found on the blog post.

Main themes of Aimless Wondering

  • Green Thinking
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Self Growth and Development

Blog Post Categories

  • Book Reviews
  • Opinions on issues affecting the world
  • Personal Reflections on subjects
  • Personal Top 25s in different categories
  • Personal Travel Experiences

Aimless Wondering Commenting House Rules

As mentioned, this is a subjective hobby blog; albeit commenting on this website is encouraged, compliance with the following guidelines is required:

General –

Please refrain from posting any content that is likely to be classified as spam.

Comments encouraging self-promotion for commercial purposes (in other words, advertising a book or other published work which is only available at a profit) and direct sales pitches will not be allowed.

Individuals engaging in this activity will receive a warning, and their comments removed.

However, I will consider objective recommendations for book reviews.

All comments should be respectful, mindful, and polite to my own opinions and those of others commenting on the post.

Comments containing the following will face removal and deemed inappropriate –
  • Any defamatory comments about myself or the individuals or groups mentioned within the post,
  • Threats of harassment made to myself the author of the post and or others,
  • Abusive language directed at me and or others,
  • (Encouraging) Attacks on individuals and groups,
  • The sharing of details or links to content harmful to children,
  • Any comments which could be considered obscene/pornographic or invasive of the privacy of others or in violation of UK law,
  • Or infringement on intellectual property, privacy, or other rights of third parties.

Reporting of Abuse –

This blog employs a strict policy regarding comments left on any post.

Any comments which are considered unfitting of the blog’s aims will see the author of the comment notified and the comment removed.

The moderator and administrator of the website, have the right to delete all the comments deemed inappropriate.

Lastly, please be respectful of other people’s opinions. Providing that the opinions, views, and debates are not threatening, abusive, defamatory, discriminatory or harassing, or not in breach of these rules and guidelines, everyone is encouraged to their thoughts, even if you may disagree.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email ravenclaw2502@gmail.com.

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